Please deposit 30% of the order value when signing the contract. The rest is paid upon delivery of the product.
Accept the following forms of payment:
- Pay down.
- Bank transfer.
– Visa, Mastercard credit/debit cards.
– Momo e-wallet.
– VnPay QR code.
– Installment 0% with interest rate by credit card.


Nationwide delivery, shipping by road.
Furniture products are quickly produced by Daco right after receiving the order to ensure the completion according to customers' wishes. The usual delivery time is as follows:
– Sofa: 7-10 days
– Bed: 5-7 days
– Other furniture (sofa table, ottoman, dining table…): 2-5 days
Please check the product carefully when accepting and paying.


All defects arising from the manufacturer's side are repaired free of charge during the warranty period as follows:
– Frame, foam cushion: 3 years.
– Upholstery (leather/fabric): 1 year.
After the warranty period, Daco continues to support customers in the form of a fee.
Non-warranty cases include:
- The fault is not caused by the manufacturer.
Products wear out over time.
The product is damaged by chemicals, high temperature, strong impact force.
The product is not used for the intended purpose.
– The product is intended for use in public, outdoor, humid or hot conditions.
- Force majeure events such as natural disasters, fires.


If the product is not the same as the signed contract, Daco will support customers to exchange for free or refund.
In case of return and exchange at the request of the customer, a fee will be charged depending on the product.