Chair | 4 cautions when buying cheap pedestals today

The ottoman is a piece of furniture with many features, the chair has the effect of increasing the aesthetics of the space and adding convenient seating. The product is designed to be compact and is considered the most effective solution for narrow spaces, with many different designs, so it can easily meet the requirements of customers. But when you buy stool Cheap You should also pay attention to the following three notes to ensure you buy the most suitable chair model.


  • Designs

Sofas and chairs attract customers byWith the sophistication and modernity in design, the product is not only a supplementary chair but also a very good decoration for the space. The chair has a fairly compact design, but the utility it brings is undeniable. Some of the popular styles of ottomans over the years


Ghế đôn hình tròn
                                      Round ottoman

Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm

Style: modern and neutral


- Square

Ghế đôn vuông
                                    Square ottoman

Dimensions: 30x30x30 cm

Style: creative and eye-catching


Ghế đôn lục giác
                                      Hexagonal chair


Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm

Style: simple

  • Material

There are 2 popular materials being used by many manufacturers:

– Simili leather

– Fabric: vadela, AGB, …

Upholstery is the face of the ottoman. When buying you should pay attention to the cover should use leather or felt, fabric. The choice of upholstery material depends on the needs and preferences of each family.

With a big investment in this piece of furniture, you will want to use it for as long as possible, but still be beautiful, and trendy. Therefore, it is best to choose a neutral color, less textured fabric. However, for certain spaces, you need to choose fabrics with colorful textures to increase creativity for the space.

  • Chair leg

The legs must of course be made from the strongest materials, natural wood or hard metal such as stainless steel or steel. The strongest structure is that the legs should be part of the chair frame and not just some form of external attachment.

However, the external mounting type also has the advantage of being removable for easy transportation. If you choose a high foot chair (over 7cm), pay attention to the surface layer of the legs, is the wooden surface flat? Is the paint even? If it is stainless steel, iron or steel, it must be anti-rust.

  • Price

The designs of cheap ottomans are sure to bring you excitement, not to mention the material and utility of the chair. But when you are satisfied with those factors, you should not ignore the price of the product.

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