Leather ottoman| Top 5 hottest leather ottoman models today

What is a leather chair?

Stool is a type of chair with a straight design, without a backrest. Simple design, suitable for many different spaces. With its compact design, it is easy to move around the house. And wrapped with simili leather material

Cover material

Simili leather (Faux leather) is a synthetic leather material, commonly known as 'goods'. Simili leather is composed of a lining fabric, usually woven from polyester fibers, then covered with one or two layers of PVC to create a bond between the fabric and the plastic.

The simili leather is then subjected to a surface embossing process to create the feel of real leather. Finally, they will be surface treated, dyed to make the product more beautiful and glossy.

Top 5 hottest leather sole designs today

Ghế đôn da hình tròn
                                 Round leather chair

Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm

Material: Simili leather

Color: Brown

Price: 1,050,000 VND

Classic style

Style: Round


Ghế đôn vuông bọc da chân gỗ
                       Square ottoman upholstered in leather with wooden legs


Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm

Material: Simili leather

Color: Gray

Price: 1,050,000 VND

Style: simple


Đôn bọc da hình chữ nhật
                            Rectangular leather band

Dimensions: 60x40x30 cm

Material: Simili leather

Color: Gray

Price: 1,050,000 VND

Modern style

Style: Rectangular

Đôn bọc da hình thoi
                                      Rhomboid leather wrap

Dimensions: 60x40x30 cm

Material: Simili leather

Color: Gray body – pink surface

Price: 1,050,000 VND

Style: variety

Style: Rhombus shape



Ghế đôn tròn chân gỗ
                                  Round pedestal chair with wooden legs

Dimensions: 30×35 cm

Material: Simili leather

Color: Black

Price: 1,050,000 VND

Style: simple

Style: Round wooden legs

Uses and outstanding advantages of leather chairs


With this round leather sofa, you can put it in the living room to sit or relax, rest your legs, read a book or make a makeup chair, even on the balcony because it doesn't take up much of the room. Not only helps the room become more modern, luxurious and sophisticated, but also can bring moments of rest and relaxation without having to look for the beds like before.


  • Compact design:

– Because it is a single chair, it is often designed to be quite compact, not heavy, and so moving becomes easier than ever.

– It also does not take up much space in your room, even if it is a narrow room, it still feels comfortable, airy space and fresher atmosphere, bringing a sense of relaxation to the occupants.

  • Convenience and versatility:

- Use as a room decoration that is both beautiful and convenient.

– Not only effective in the living room, homeowners can decorate it in the bedroom, reading room is also very convenient

  • Diversity of models and types

– The manufacturer designs a lot of different colors from dark to light colors, or striking or calm colors.

– If classified by style, the single sofa has types such as: modern, classic, youthful

Chairs are also designed in many styles to suit different spaces such as offices, shops, bedrooms, etc.

Besides, the high-grade cushion used for customers to sit is also very soft and smooth.

Here are some samples of leather sofas that we share with you. Do not forget to consult to have the right choice and best suitable for the space of your home.

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