How to identify ACACIA fabric by looking at the parameters on the label.

  ACACIA fabric is the highest quality fabric Many consumers, 5-star hotels, resorts or villas choose to make curtains, sofa covers or interior decoration. Because the quality is superior to ordinary fabric.

With a rigorous process, through hundreds of tests and quality checks to meet European standards, Belgian fabrics meet all the strict requirements of the most demanding customers. ACACIA fabric must perform a series of rigorous testing procedures to the standards set by leading international organizations, including:

   ISO (International Standard)

   EN (European Standard)

   BS (British Standard)

   Standard IMO (International Maritime Organization)

   ASTM (American Standard).

About the brand

ACACIA is a Belgian brand, established in 1994, considered the leading luxury brand in Europe.

With 23 years of experience and leading in high quality interior fabrics in the world.

About quality

Meets Labotex fire retardant standard, Oeko-tex 100 standard for the safety of materials used in the textile industry


Not only does it pass worldwide fire protection standards, but it's also easy to care for and adheres to American medical center laundry standards.

With the mission of being the fabric line of the ACACIA family, we always care about the health of consumers and the surrounding environment, so the Belgian fabric line has no harmful chemicals, and environmentally friendly materials will make you feel secure. absolutely when using curtains or covering sofa sets made from this high-quality fabric.

Fabrics often have a rough surface and an unpleasant smell, making the air in the room feel stuffy and stuffy. On the other hand, for ACACIA, the fabric surface is very cool to the touch, pleasant and does not have unpleasant odors that affect your living space. At the same time, the fabric has a 5-year color fastness that makes your curtains or sofa set always look like new.